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Ted Sheftic, PGA

Teacher and Coach 
My goal as a teacher is to help my students achieve a good, consistent shot.  The student must be committed to improve their game and take the necessary steps to get there. 

It is not an easy process, but with time and commitment anyone can learn.  To me being a good coach means, “…taking it to the course with confidence.”  And you can too!

Recent Student News

Colin Vinberg Tournament Comeback

 Posted 11 months ago
Colin Vinberg Scores a 68 in the second roiund and won the BJGT golf tournament at Hershey Country Club.  Great comback in the second.round.  

3rd School at the Indian River Club

 Posted last year
Another great 3 days, weather in the low 80's. Students had a great learning experience and a great time.

2nd School at Indian River Club

 Posted last year
  Another great School, with Mark, and Rick

Golf School #1

 Posted last year

Kayla Maletto Wins Hurricane Junior Tournament

 Posted last year
Great playing Kayla.

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Recent Golf News
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